Timetable for Launch

Following conclusion of contractual matter with the European Commission and, more recently, with ICANN, the eurid has the green light to prepare for launch of .eu. Eurid hope to start the .eu sunrise period before the end of 2005.

16th June begin accrediting .eu
3rd Quarter 2005 Publish proposed .eu Registration Policy for comment
Ongoing develop web site to provide key information in all official EU languages
Aug/Sept. 2005 make available the terms and condition of registration in official EU languages - including ADR provisions
make registration software available for registrar testing
4th Quarter 2005 start phase 1 of sunrise (public bodies and holders of trademarks may apply for the corresponding name)
2 months later

Start phase 2 of sunrise period (those eligible to apply in phase 1 plus holders of other rights recognised in the national law of a member state may apply for the corresponding name)

2 months later Sunrise period closes and registrations open on a first-come-first-served basis.Validation of names applied for during sunrise continues until task completed