Landrush - .eu-Domains for all others

Beginning with the landrush-period .eu-Domains can be registered without any special rights.

Landrush means, that at the beginning of this phase, registration is possible for everybody. Therefore everybody will try to achieve registration of his favourite domain. Domains will be registered in the order first-come - first served as they arrive at the registration authority EURID.

Summary of the Public Policy Rules (PPR) for .eu

This is a summary of the key points:

  • Who can register a domain name?

    We already know from the EU Regulation 733/2002 that registrants must be undertakings or organisations established in the EU or natural persons resident within the EU.
  • Which names may not be registered under .eu?

    The EU Regulation on the implementation of .eu, allows the Member States to submit lists of names that will not be available for general registration.

    This could include geographical names such as regional or city names and names which could be said to be of a racist or defamatory nature. This list will be published as soon as we receive it.

    In advance of going live, Member States, EEA countries and official Candidate Countries may also reserve names by which they are commonly known (Example: Deutschland, Duitsland, Germany, Allemagne ...) This list will be published as soon as we receive it.

    The PPR state that alpha-2 letter country codes (BE, UK, NL, US, JP, CH......) may NOT be registered. h EU
  • When registration may begin?

    The PPR state that registrations may not begin until registration services from .eu accredited registrars are available in all official languages of the EU. EURid still awaits to sign a contract with the European Commission to operate the .eu registry. Soon after this is signed we will begin to accredit .eu registrars. Important dates will be announced as soon as possible.See tentative timetable.
  • Provision of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

    Those who register a .eu name will be required to abide by the decisions of an Alternative Dispute Resolution panel if a third party with rights to a name can demonstrate that the holder registered the name in bad faith.
    It is expected that the rules for an ADR policy will be set out in the PPR to allow disputes over domain names to be settled.
    Those applying during the sunrise period will be required to sign up to special sunrise terms and conditions and these will include ADR for sunrise disputes.